Timbertech Championship

Timbertech Championship: PGA Tour Championship Player-If you want to prevent Ernie Els from winning the TimberTech championship, throw some nails or metal on the I-95.

On Thursday, the Gulf Hall of Fame Hall of Fame lost a tire from his home in Palm Beach Gardens and was almost disqualified from the game. He needs a tournament official to pick him up so he can participate in the quasi-stylist fight at 8.50 am on time. According to the rules of the PGA Tour Championship, if a professional player is lost, the player will be retired, although Els could have managed to find a player to play in the morning game and play in the afternoon.

The new name TimberTech Championship, recently called the Oasis Championship, is also known as Boca Raton Championship and Allianz Championship. It is usually February or March, but this year the COVID-19 pandemic has been postponed. In order to consolidate his position in the history of the championship, Palm Beach County resident Bernhard Langer returned to the PGA Tour Championship, hoping to improve his third championship. Be the first player to win the game twice (2019, 2010),

Last year, Lange completed the game with a record score of 19 to less than 197, beating Marco Dawson with five strokes. The World Hall of Fame Golf Club won its 41st PGA Tour championship at the Cologuard Classic Championship in March, just four wins behind Hale Irwin’s record for the most PGA Tour championships. Rookies Ernie Els (resident of Jupiter) and Jim Furyk will also focus on this year’s event. Only 14 games have won three wins on circuits aged 50 and over.

For the TimberTech championship, this will be a difficult path: he will lose 2 wins and 9 results in the top 10 in 11 matches and will lead Cup champion Charles Schwab with a net worth of almost $ 1.36 million. This will cause Els to miss very few golf games at home.

Els said, “I’m going to start calling right away, so be it.” He had to stop after I-95 in Delray Beach. “I heard the car hit something and suddenly the alarm went off. Fortunately, I went down early for breakfast, so I had more time.”

Like most 50-year-old players, the PGA Tour Championship breathed new life into Els’ game. It has been 7 years since Els last won at the 2013 British Open, but in this season of disruption of the coronavirus pandemic, he has become a leader in the tour standings.

Some other places where residents like to compete for the $ 2 million prize include Jupiter resident Mark Calcavecchia and Jeff Sluman of Delray Beach. In September, AZEK’s TimberTech brand signed a contract as the competition’s main sponsor, maintaining the event at the Broken Course’s Old Course for the 14th consecutive year. Due to the cancellation of 8 of the 27 original competitions, the Tour decided to increase the range of competition venues from 78 to 81.

Els leads with average points (68.29), regular greens (77.6%) and Eagles per hole (62.1). He was second in average distance and third in car distance (295.4 yards).

For Big Easy, the game once again looked easy, just as he won four Grand Slams, 19 PGA Tour titles and 74 tournaments.

Els said: “So far, I have achieved good results, won two victories and received many public greetings”. “To win here, you must really participate in all aspects of the game.”